Brewed by hand

We make organic beer from 100% natural organic ingredients

Good for you, good for nature


Organic farming and working in harmony with our local environment is the core of everything we do. We believe you are what you drink. We will only use 100% organic grain and organic hops in our beers. Our natural spring water from deep within or Devon based farm forms teh backbone of a collection of modern yet uniquely British beers.

Our Story

We are an Organic brewhouse based at Haye Farm in East Devon. We share the farm with a happy drove of young female pigs called ʻgilts’. Our logo is a janus head of gilt pigs, one looking to the past, to the craft and skill of brewing great beer. The other looking forwards to a circular, sustainable business, mindful of it’s local environment, the flint fields of East Devon.

Our beers are all organic and feature our Pale Ale, Stout, IPA and award winning Helles Lager. We also take advantage of the seasonality of the farm and produce an annual Cider, Wheat Beer, and Saisons.


Petersham Nurseries

The Ledbury


Robin Wylde

1 Lombard Street

The Pig

Catch and the Old Fish Market

The Parlour


The Ethicurean

Dart's Farm

Rocket Store

Hix Oyster & Fish House

Pipers Farm

Lyme Bay

La Goccia